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Branded clothing helps your customers identify you as the people they need to speak to, whether a follow up from a phone call, shop floor staff, or building a presence while out and about. It can even win you business if there's a simple message that they can buy into quickly. It's great for your staff too as they don't have to wonder what to wear every morning, no more turning up late from trying to find something to wear.

And if you are the owner of your business then you'll like the fact that there are tax breaks for any clothing with your logo on. But even better than that, it makes your workforce feel loved and valued by you.

So get ahead of your competition today with a range of polo shirts, T-shirts, and fleeces that:

  • match your brand colour
  • get across messages to your audience so that sale increase
  • that make your staff feel loved
  • that make you look more professional
  • that just screams to the world you are a 'real' company

Mark Tracey

7 Chipping Row South Woodham Ferrers Chelmsford Essex CM3 5XU


Branded Clothing